1. Can I bring a baby stroller? Yes. We encourage you to bring a stroller, so that your child is comfortable and safe during the event.
  2. Do I have to purchase tickets in advance? Advance purchase is strongly recommended for our public trips, more so for our special cruises, as they often sell out quickly. To maximize your chances of getting the day and time you prefer, please book well in advance. Tickets can be purchased in advance online via: Visa, Master Card or also at our dock office.
  3. Is there an age limit? Any age is welcome to join us on board, however, all guests must have a ticket, regardless of age. Our passenger capacity is strictly limited by safety & comfort considerations, as well as Transport Canada. You must be at least 20 years or older to attend our late night Boat Party Cruises that sail from 11pm to 2am.
  4. What happens if it rains? Your Captain and crew watch the weather forecasts closely and want to ensure your trip is safe, enjoyable, and a memorable experience. In the event that weather conditions get in the way of that happening, requiring us to cancel, we will contact you as soon as possible so you can join us on another date or time. When purchasing your tickets please provide us with a phone number we can contact you on. When cruising the River Rouge has fully enclosed decks with a canopy preventing you from getting wet. Bring an umbrella for your walk to and from the "Rouge". The dock is quite long and you will get drenched if you don't have proper rain gear.
  5. Is there a minimum passenger counts in order to sail the Ship? While we try to make our guests as satisfied as possible, our afternoon Sightseeing Cruises required a minimum of 30 people/reservations in order to sail the Ship. Please be aware that if this cruise does not receive the required number of reservations, the cruise may be rescheduled.
  6. Is gratuity included in the ticket price? Gratuities for your M.S. River Rouge Cruise line crew are not included in your ticket price. If you have a great time and wish to recognize the contributions of the crew, you are welcome to give any one of them a tip. We are occasionally asked what a good tip would be, this is entirely up to you, but 15% is common.
  7. Our group discounts available for the public tours? Yes, Our group rate discount requires a minimum of 30 passengers, the rate is $16.95 per person, however must be booked 24 hours in advance.
  8. Are drinks or food served on the trip? Food and drinks are available on your trip, so we ask that you please do not bring your own as it is not permitted. Public cruises have food menu on board with a wide selection of choices to choose from at an additional price. A full-service cash bar is available on board.
  9. Are we allowed to bring our own alcohol on board? No, any alcohol or illegal drugs will be confiscated immediately.
  10. Can I bring a cooler, picnic basket, or other items? You are not allowed to bring any outside food or beverage at any time. In some cases when previously authorised in advance by our office, you may bring a birthday cake.
  11. Are there rest rooms on board? The M.S. River Rouge Cruise line has rest rooms for both ladies and gentlemen located on both decks, the upper deck is handicap accessible for passengers in wheelchairs.
  12. What time should we arrive? Due to safety reasons, boarding will begin 30 minutes prior to departure. If the Captain is ready to begin boarding earlier, he will make an announcement.
  13. How far is the parking lot to the boat? It is a 30 yard walk. If you have a walker or wheelchair, we have a place for storage on the boat.
  14. What should I wear? Dress appropriately for the weather conditions. The sun is much stronger on the water, passengers can take advantage of the shade provided by the M.S. River Rouge Cruise line covered and enclosed areas. We always recommend sunglasses and sunscreen. Soft soled rubber shoes or sandals are advised on board. On a windy or breezy day, skirts are not recommended. during the cooler months, you may want to bring a jacket.
  15. Will I get wet? No, If it rains or is a windy day you may get an occasional spray from the river, or if you are not in an enclosed area that is covered with a canopy such as the bow of the Ship.
  16. Is there any shade on the boat? Yes, only in the inner deck areas of the Ship.
  17. Are life jackets available on board? In the event of an unlikely emergency, life jackets for all passengers are provided on board.
  18. Will i get seasick? Our guests usually find the M.S. River Rouge Cruise line to be a very steady vessel, it is unlikely that you will encounter any motion sickness however this varies depending on the passenger.
  19. Are souvenirs available? Yes, however they must be purchased at our office/ticket window.
  20. Are gift certificates available? No.
  21. Are all Children fares free? No, only 4 years and under are free, ages 4 to 12 are considered a child admission.
  22. Is there a Sunset Cruise from 7-10pm taking place on the same day that the M.S. River Rouge Cruise line sails to lower for Garry? Yes.
  23. Can you get champagne and other liquor service on board the M.S. River Rouge Cruise line? Yes, including premium brands such as: Rye Vodka, Gin Rum, Beers, Coolers, Wine, Shooters, Brandys, etc.
  24. During the seniors cruise, do the staff supervising the seniors from the care home get the same deal on the seniors admission. price? Yes.
  25. Is Tax over and above the price of the fare? Yes, only 5% GST.
  26. Do you offer mid-week discounts on ship charters MON-WED late evenings from 11pm-2am? Yes, full ship charter is half price at only $3,000.00
  27. How do I book a private party on the M.S. River Rouge Cruise line?
    Call our office at (204) 774.7009. We will first check the date you would like to have your event. If the "River Rouge" is available you can submit a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure the date. The time and date will no longer be available for anyone else. Once your date is secured a River Rouge Event Planner will assist you with all of the details and services you would like to enjoy during your event. You will need to have an estimate of the number of guests that you will be hosting and the type of food & beverage service you would like to have provided. You will also be able to choose the type of entertainment you would like to offer your guests. Once all of these details are finalized our Event Planner will begin pulling all of the details together. The balance will be due in full two days prior to your event. If you are booking a last minute affair, then the balance must be paid in full prior to your event. Please refer to the (fares/schedules) button option.
  28. Can I hire my own caterer? No. We offer our own licensed and insured catering services. Our in-house chef's work on board the "River Rouge" on a regular basis, so that they are more than prepared to serve you and your guests with the highest standards available in the industry. I highly recommend that you use the catering team that we contract on a regular basis.
  29. How long will my private charter last? Our standard chartered cruise times last up to 3 hours, however you can extend the time of your cruise at an additional rate.
  30. How much does it cost? Cost varies depending on the personal details of your event. Be as extravagant or modest as you like!
  31. What should I wear to a Chartered event? Depends on the type of event you are attending. If you are a guest at someone's wedding on the "River Rouge" I suggest you dress appropriately for a wedding. If you are invited to attend a corporate gathering I suggest business attire, unless your host has stated casual. Public cruises are typically casual. Holiday parties are cocktail attire. Theme parties - dress for the theme. For example, if you are invited to a pirate party, dress as a pirate. Castaway party, come as one of the castaways. 70's party? Wear your favorite disco duds.. If it's cold, wear a jacket. If its rainy, bring an umbrella and wear a rain jacket to walk to the "River Rouge". We always recommend non-skid flat shoes.
  32. Can I get married on board? The River Rouge is a magical place to get married. The Captain cannot perform your ceremony, however you can provide your own Justice of the peace.
  33. Can I have a dock side party? Yes. We have special dock side rates if you choose not to cruise during your private party. however we are not able to sell liquor while being docked at shore, due to MLCC regulations.
  34. Can kids come? Absolutely. Kids are always welcome on the River Rouge. Family Fun Saturday afternoon cruises are the best for children. The kids are invited to enjoy a private tour of the wheel house and meet the Captain. However, if you are invited to a private gathering that will have an open bar, I recommend you leave the kids at home and bring them another time.
  35. Do you have a bar on board? Yes, we have one bar on each deck of the ship.
  36. What if it's windy? If the winds exceed 40 miles/Hour, the "Rouge" will not leave the dock and the cruise will be cancelled, the decision to cancel or go on with the cruise is completely up to the ship's Captain. If you are unsure of the weather conditions, please call our office to confirm whether the cruise is taking place.
  37. Is it okay for older people? Absolutely. The River Rouge offers a main deck which seniors may prefer, as there are no stairs involved . It has large windows, and an inner deck that is secured with washroom facilities. There are stairs in order to make your way down to the lower deck, so depending on their mobility, they may choose to spend their time in the comfort on the deck of their choice.
  38. Can we do our own decorating? Yes with prior permission from our office when making your booking. Please do not use nails or tape that removes paint.
  39. Are linens provided? Yes.
  40. What happens if there is a storm? Private events will not be canceled if there is a storm. However, if it's a major storm threatening the area, the host of your event will have the option of rescheduling. If the event is a public cruise there is a chance the event may be canceled. Please call our office to confirm.
  41. What happens if I have to cancel? All payments you may have made towards public cruises are non-refundable.
  42. What happens if the River Rouge cancels a public cruise event? If an event is cancelled, you will be contacted via the contact information you provided us, you will be offered the opportunity to choose an event of equal or lesser value within one year of your original booking, or you can book into a different event by paying the difference between your original ticket and your new booking.
  43. What happens if the client cancels a Chartered event? The deposit paid would be lost and is non-refundable, This is due to not being able to re-book the date in most cases, however the deposit is transferable towards another available date in the same year of the scheduled event.
  44. What happens if the River Rouge has to cancels the event? M.S. River Rouge will not be held responsible for delays or cancellations of the cruise or function aboard our ship due to mechanical breakdown of equipment, high waters, strong winds, heavy rains, and any sudden climatic conditions in which the Captain may feel it to be hazardous for both the ship and passengers to sail. The Captains decision is Final. The liability of the M.S. River Rouge shall be strictly limited to the amount paid pursuant to an agreement, in the event of cancellation due to any of the reasons listed above, M.S. River Rouge will agree to return the amount of the deposit, or re-schedule another available date in order to honour the event.
  45. Who do you recommend for transportation? There are a number of motor coach companies in Winnipeg in which we have worked with. We recommend either Vital transportation services or Beaver bus lines
  46. What is the local taxi cab number? We recommend either Duffy's Taxi, they can be reached at: (204) 775.0101 or Unicity Taxi (204) 925.3131
  47. Are there hotels close by? They're are plenty of Hotels in the downtown area, please refer to our Hotel guide under the Contact Us button option.
  48. How many people does the River Rouge Cruise line hold? Our Ship capacity is approved for 396 passengers.
  49. What about parking? There is plenty of FREE parking located on site at the Alexander dock.


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